Silverado Ranch Subdivision, Cedar Park TX, Howell Mountain Drive Solar Screen Installation

"Silverado Ranch Subdivision, Cedar Park, TX -
Chocolate 80% Solar Screen Installation with Champagne Frame for ALL WINDOWS of the House
including the installation of a Solar Screen Sliding Door and a Solar Screen Pocket Door"

Silverado Ranch Cedar Park TX Howell Mountain Drive Installation
For this brand new home in the Silverado Ranch Subdivision of Cedar Park TX, we used the 80% Chocolate Solar Screen Fabric with the Champagne frame of which was a perfect color match to the window's champagne frame.  The chocolate fabric is the ideal choice of fabric colors for a home like this.  The black fabric would have worked just fine, but the chocolate is/was the ideal color.  As far as the frame color being champagne, it was the perfect choice as well as the window's frame is champagne. We could have used the brown frame and it would have worked as well, but the champagne frame was a homerun.  This customer ordered their solar screens before they moved in to their new home.  Being a return customer of ours, they had solar screens on their previous home therefore they new the value of the solar screens and new with the Summer in play how important it was to have them up as soon as they could.  Once you have solar screens shading your home's windows, it's hard to live through an Austin Texas Summer without them.  We all the time get calls from customers that bought screens from us before telling us they are moving into their new home and want to make sure they get the solar screens up on the windows of their new home as soon as they can.  


This installation called for die cast clip mounting for all the windows.  None of the windows of this home had lip provisions at the top or bottom of the windows that allowed for a full size screen to pop-in install.  When that is the case, when the window is not made to accommodate a full size screen, we have to surface mount the solar screen to the window's frames, and most the time when doing so we use these die cast metal clips.  We ALWAYS use metal, we do not ever use ANY plastic clips, or plastic period, as plastic will over time degrade in our hot Texas heat.   For more information about our installation methods please see our page titled Videos of How We Install

Austin TX Solar Window Screens

This is a picture of a Solar Screen Sliding Door and a Solar Screen Pocket Door.  The Solar Screen Sliding Door slides on the track that your current insect screen sliding door slides on.  We build a new door, using our heavy duty framing that we roll with your choice of solar screen fabric (80% or 90% in your choice of color).   The Solar Screen Pocket Door is stationary, it does not move.  This pocket door is affixed to the door's framing and provides shade for the non-opening part of the door.  Pricing and clearer details for Solar Screen Sliding Doors and our Solar Screen Pocket Door can be found on our website.



I am very pleased with the solar screens and would highly recommend the Hobbs to Install your solar screens. They were very pleasant and easy to work with.
- Joyce [re: 171]

Austin TX Solar Window Screens

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