The Uplands Subdivision, (Bee Cave) Austin TX Solar Screen Installation

"The Uplands Subdivision, (Bee Cave) Austin, TX -
Black 80% and 90% Solar Screen Installation with White Frame for the Front, Left and Right side Windows of the House"

We used both the 80% and the 90% fabric for this installation.  The color combination we used was Black with White Frame.  The window's frame color is white, so white frames for the solar screens was a good fit, and the roof, front door, light fixtures and gutters were all black, so the screen fabric color of black was a perfect choice.  It looks really good. The left side of the house gets most of the afternoon West straight on sun, therefore we used the 90% fabric for that side.  The rest of the home we used the 80% fabric.  This home is full of arched windows, 27 in total for the Left, Front and Right sides. This home has a lot of arched windows.

As you can see here, these windows marked with the red arrows get very little sun, however to keep a consistent clean and even look for the front of the house, we put solar screens on them anyway.  If we did not put solar screens on these windows, the aesthetic appeal would not be have been as good.  With every front window covered with a solar screen, the front of this house looks clean and consistent.


We are extremely satisfied with our solar screens! They are making a noticeable difference in how our house temperature is being maintained in this excessive heat! The entire process of estimating, ordering and installation was one of the easiest home improvements we have ever done. We are very impressed with your process and would highly recommend your business and service to anyone.
-Regina Emmitt [re: 196]

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